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The Album Pseudo Random is a tribute to the raw and abstract musical borderland



Elegant, experimental strings sliding into hard electronic beats and bleak, manipulated tones turning into playful pop melodies. And along the way a powerful and fragile female voice pops up and tells us dark secrets and beautiful stories.

The voice belongs to composer and singer Cecilie Sadolin, who invites the listeners on an experimental and challenging musical journey with her first album “Pseudo Random”:

– “Pseudo Random” is a revolt against our constant focus on image and narrow boxes nowadays and a tribute to the raw musical expression that comes to life in the combination of various music genres, creative methodology and performance art. The title of the album refers to an algorithm which is programmed to generate random numbers, says Cecilie Sadolin, who have written, arranged and co-produced the album.

She has previously released the jazz EP “Nordic Craft” and worked as a backup singer for the Danish jazz singer Cæcilie Nordby, the Danish National Big Band, various international and national orchestras, directors and producers, mainly from the Iceland, the UK and Sweden. She has written musical scores for short films, worked for international artists being featured on various albums, TV shows and in theatre. In the summer of 2016 she graduated as a jazz singer from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, and is currently a student of composition from The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark. In addition, Cecilie is living in Berlin studying music production as a part of her masters’ degree.

– Each song on the album describes a step on my uneven journey through my music career, where I started with pop music and then moved into an abstract, experimental and sensuous musical universe, she says.

And that universe is a fascinating and slightly schizophrenic musical and emotional borderland, says producer and electronic sound designer Christian Tronhjem, who has been responsible for creating the album’s soundscapes:

– The album is a hybrid between a recognizable, traditional rhythmic music world and a twisted, dark and manipulated electronic world. It has a neat and polished surface, but hides a lot of dark secrets, the deeper you get into the album, he says, highlighting a few numbers:

– Songs like “Slip away” and “Train Song” are rather accessible and happy pop songs. And a song like “Cyclus” is more mysterious, manipulated and dark.

The album “Pseudo Random” was created in collaboration with the string group WHO KILLED BAMBI, which has also worked with musicians such as Pernille Rosendahl, Steffen Brandt, Søren Huss, Rod Stewart, Oh Land and Teitur.

Mette Dahl Kristensen, head of the group, says that it has been an interesting collaboration defined by curiosity and openness.

– We in WHO KILLED BAMBI are not limited by music genres, and Cecilie Sadolins’ approach to music is also very curious. Therefore, you should listen to the album “Pseudo Random” with an open mind, she says.


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Cecilie Sadolin


Cecilie Sadolin (1987) is a Berlin – based singer, artist, composer, musician and producer – known for her crossover disciplines in music, performance and art. She performs in solo and collaborative projects. Her multifaceted musicality, – spanning over pop, electronic music, cinematic soundscapes and contemporary music is what summarizes her work and musical character. – a curiosity that seeks for unexpected behaviour, variation and an element of surprise.


Cecilie started working with music by the age of five as a singer for national and international artists, in TV, musicals and film. She also worked with The Danish Symphony Orchestra, The Danish National Chamber Orchestra and The Danish National Big Band as ensemble and as soloist in various projects. She has since worked as a composer and songwriter in film, – Paparazzi by Danish Lonetower Visuals, in commercial music for the Berlin – based label Full of Grace and as a signed songwriter for publisher BUDDE Music (GE). Additionally, she works in crossover collaborations, – latest as one of the founders of the W.E.E. (World Electronic Experimental) Music Festival in Berlin with her collegue, the 7 times grammy nominated pianist, Joel Holmes.


Cecilie’s own work counts The ep Nordic Craft (2013), Tapestry (2016) and Pseudo Random (2017) – latest released by Berlin – based label recordJET. Cecilie released two videos Tapestry (was nominated for a Berlin Music Video Award in 2016), in collaboration with Swedish photographer and director Hedvig Larsson and production company Simulacra Studios (UK). For The link between the 2 she worked with string quartet Who Killed Bambi, Funkhaus studios in Berlin and director Ilias Merabiha (FR.


Cecilie holds a bachelor’s degree in jazz vocals (2016) – was giving the highest possible grade both for the bachelor thesis: “The hybrid and modern composer” and self composed concert Fuga. A piece written for an ensemble of 19 people. Cecilie is currently studying her master’s degree in Musical Composition from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark and additionally holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering from dBs Music in Berlin. Cecilie has studied abroad at the Reykjavik at the Academy of Arts in Iceland with composer, Atli Ingolfsson and she has hold residencies at the Engelsholm Castle, in Latvia at the Baltic Circle collaboration between the Nordic countries, and as a commercial songwriter in Estonia, Denmark and Sweden.


Cecilie has received funding and scholarships for her work, – and further education from The Augustinus foundation in (2016 and 2017), Oticon foundation (2016 and 2018), The Nordic Foundation (2016), DJBFA (National organization for composers and songwriters) (2015) and KODA (2014).  


Additionally, Cecilie works as a teacher in composition, singing, arrangement and songwriting for undergraduates at MGK, in seminars and in private courses.



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